Limton Corporation


From innovative ideas to finished product​

we bring your dream into reality with perfection!

At Limton, quality processing is of the utmost essence. From made to order feasibility for clients to order tracking, final shipment, and delivery- we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Take advantage of rock solid quality and impeccable finishing on all your apparel!

It all starts with high quality raw materials

To help design the best garments in the textile industry, Limton offers zero compromise on raw material quality. And that means sublime yarn selection. Let’s not forget that Pakistan is a global leader in possessing the finest yarn selections around the world. And this makes the process easier for garment producing companies like ours.


We utilize state of the art automated knitting machines

We make sure our textile products are produced using the best machinery. And this is what gives us an edge over all other competitors in the industry.


An important step to overall garment success​

Before we begin the dying process, our fabrics are thoroughly evaluated and inspected. Only after passing various protocols, they are allowed to undergo the dying process.

We take high-end measures to inspect dyed fabrics so that even the tiniest of errors can be omitted

It’s not uncommon to find glitches during dying and that’s why our team at Limton takes out time to omit even the smallest errors across the board.

For enhanced color consistency, we use modern tools designed for inept color inspection

To ensure even color distribution, we use a number of modern day gadgets. And this is what helps provide us with a guarantee of the finest fabric material.


Laser-cut, custom designed, and made to order

All fabrics are carefully planned, pattern cut, and put together by our team of tailoring experts. And this is in accordance with our exclusive made to order demands by clients.


To help us get superior quality emblems and logos incorporated, we utilize multi-head embroidery machines

Embroidery and logo design is such an integral component of apparel and that’s why our team pulls out all the stops to produce stellar designs across the board.


All goods undergo thorough evaluation in the stitching unit with comprehensive shipping audit

To minimize any stitching faults and to avoid finishing glitches, our team is always on standby for integral audit checks.


Another thorough check for last minute assortment

Since every piece is custom made, we perform finishing with attention to the details. Our teams at Limton conduct thorough audits to double check numbers, sizes, as well as color assortment packaging.

Quality Control

We believe in stringent quality control


There are a number of measures in place so that all goods sent out carry100% customer satisfaction.

The auditing process is an integral step before shipping

Right before shipping, our auditing team is active and on spot for careful inspection.


All boxed cartons with apparels have barcodes in place to minimize chances in shipment errors

There’s zero room for error in the professional world and that’s why we pull out all the stops for guaranteed success.

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